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In 1970 there were 8 global privacy laws, today there are over 120 and every year 5 new countries introduce a new set of laws. This is a growing challenge for companies who have no choice but to comply or risk being fined.

Companies that respect data are better equipped to survive this tide of multi jurisdictional change. For 2019 three themes will dominate:

  1. Profound business transformation

  2. Increased challenges of managing and protecting data

  3. Heightened global compliance protecting the rights of individuals

And for business their focus on 2019 will be preparedness, action and risk management.

Compleye Global is a professional service offering underpinned by world leading expertise and privacy automation tools and a consulting team with a combined five decades in privacy and data protection. Supporting large enterprises, headquartered anywhere in the world, trading globally with a global customer base. You may need practical advice and assistance to:

  • Implement compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HB 18-1128 and other data privacy laws;

  • Consent and preference management

  • Vendor risk management

  • Support your privacy team or partner with your law firm


  Industry Expertise

Legal and Professional Services

  • For Law firms, accountancy firms and other professional services businesses who have their own privacy strategies to implement and those of their clients.

Retail and E-Commerce

  • Global privacy solutions for corporates with high volumes of B2C Data on premises and digital

Medical and Healthcare

  • Specific sector consultancy and automation for highly sensitive data categories and processing.

Leisure and Entertainment

  • For high volumes of complex cradle to grave customer channels where permissions and data sharing is critical to optimise ROI.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Consultancy and automation solutions for privacy strategies within complex manufacturing corporates with a deep and broad third party supply chain.

Financial and Insurance

  • Tailored products and services for complex banking, financial and insurance data compliance


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