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You have a mix of business and retail customers generating different data challenges and opportunities. Your complex third party relationships create less visible privacy risks and this concerns you. You’re passionate about being best in class but the goal posts keep changing and your costs for ongoing privacy compliance are rising. You need automation and value for money experts to help.

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For smaller businesses with a growing B2B and B2C client base, starting your GDPR journey or re-checking your regulatory privacy risks.

  • Privacy risk assessment

  • Remedial recommendations program for complex data transfer and data capture channels

  • Program management and delivery

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For growing companies who face challenges as your business expands. More complex partner and supplier relationships, growing customer numbers and broader marketing strategies and which all need to be privacy compliant.

  • Optimisation of compliant marketing strategies

  • Consents and website integrations to compliance monitoring software

  • Data Minimisation and storage

  • DPIA’s as new technology and business initiatives are introduced

  • Supplier and third party vendor DD

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For large multi nationals, cross jurisdictional corporates who have complex group structures and shareholdings in a broad spectrum of businesses and which all require harmonised privacy strategies.

  • Customer centric compliance privacy strategies

  • Interim and long term expert privacy resource to support internal teams

  • Large scale infrastructure and technology implements to support ongoing privacy strategies

  • Outsourced DPO service

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